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A little bit of background on our tradition.

Gala Witchcraft is not just Wicca for Gay men.  With the addition of the Male Mysteries to modern Wicca, Gala Witchcraft is the re-emergence of a Gay priesthood.  We do not claim to be a continuation of those august and ancient orders of Gay male priests that populated the ancient world, but a modern incarnation of their same energetic current.

Operating from the premise that Gay men were viewed as magical in every culture and that there are magical and spiritual practices exclusive to Gay men in every culture, Gala endeavors to transcend culture, pantheon, or system.  The foundations of our tradition are European Witchcraft, specifically Wicca, but, like Gay men, we believe that the witch was also universal.  Oshun and Yemaya are both credited with being witches within the African Diaspora Religions (ADRs).  The Native American tribes had their medicine men.  Several aboriginal cultures speak of witch doctors.  Even Taoism has a “witchy” practitioner.  No one culture owns the archetypal concept of the witch.  In Gala, we actively encourage our members to explore the rich history of what it means to be a Gay male witch within their own ancestral framework.

Initiates of Gala are from all ethnicities, races, and backgrounds.  Gala uses the Theosophical idea that every religion has a spark of truth within it, and we encourage each other to explore those universal occult truths.  The men who participate in our tradition just happen to practice witchcraft as well as contribute to the re-awakening of the Gay Mystery Traditions.



Gala Witchcraft has land based covens in New York City, NY; Harrisburg, PA; Durham, NC, and Phoenix, AZ.
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